Cocco Craft Blog RENAMED TO Funcolor Craft


Hi friends,..
Starting September 02, 2016, coccocraft blog (coccocraft,blogspot,com) had renamed and change domain address to Funcolor Craft (funcolorcraft.com)

Change name and address, on the grounds that all visitors can more easily access the site from all over the world. And hope you all can be more convenient to access and retrieve information from this site.

Funcolor Craft will continue to exist for you to share ideas, tips and free patterns more better. Hopefully, the all information distributed through this site can be beneficial to all site visitors of funcolor craft.

A little story about the history of this blog.
Cocco-craft blog was first built in February 2016, with the address of the domain "coccocraft, blogspot, com". And this blog I woke up with the goal of being able to share my hobby and pleasure in making crochet.

Of course I also wanted to blog in the future this could be a long life and can continue to share the pleasure about crochet, knitting and craft to everyone around the world.

And finally, I feel comfortable and steady to change the domain name and address of this blog to make it more better.
Please feel free if you want to share your enjoyment as well as to knit, crocheted or start a discussion on this blog.

Thank you. Hope we all enjoy it, and have a nice day.. Lets make a lovely crochet..

Cocco Craft Blog RENAMED TO Funcolor Craft