Little Rose Flower Knitting - FREE PATTERN

Hi, today I will share a rose knitting pattern. It is an easy pattern to do even for beginners.
This is a little pretty rose with a circumference of about 2.5 inches. You can use it as an accessories, such as a brooch or hair clip.

Here I used local cotton yarn from my country that has a smaller ply. 

But you can use any thread with the appropriate size knitting needle.
This pattern is original from my brooch project. Let's start knitting it..

Abbreviations used:
- sl = slip. This mean that you slip the next stitch on to the right hand needle without knitting it, then you knit/purl the next stitch
- K = knit
- P = purl
- yo = yarn over
- tog = together. Usually used as a method of decreassing. For example: k2tog

Size : circumference 2.5"
Material : Indonesia cotton yarn (double ply)
Needles size: 4.0mm

Cast on 24 sts.
1st row : sl1, *K, Repeat *
2nd row (and every alt row) : sl1, *P, Repeat *
3rd row : sl1, *yo, K1, Repeat *
5th and 7th row : same as 1st row
9th row : cast off
And then, roll the bottom of flower and sew it.


Leaf (make 2)

Material : cotton yarn (single ply)
Needles : 3.25mm
Cast on 8 sts
1st, 5th, 7th row : sli1, *K, Repeat *
2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th row : sl1, *P, Repeat *
3rd row : sl1, *yo, K1, Repat *
9th row : sl1, K2tog, K9, K2tog, K1
10th row : sl1, P2tog, P7, P2tog, P1
11th row : sl1, K2tog, K5, K2tog, K1
12th row : sl1, P2tog, P3, P2tog, P1
13th row : sl1, K2tog, K1, K2tog, K1


14th row : sl1, P3tog, P1
Remaining 3 stitch, then sew together. 

As part to put the pin, I made it by crocheting.
The pattern:
Round 0 : magic ring
Round 1 : 8sc in ring
Round 2 : 2sc in every stitch
Round 3 : sc in every stitch    
And then, sewing the pin in the middle before you sew it all include the leaves on the flower.

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Thank you for this beautiful flower I added an icord stem and added it to my wedding bouquet

Your welcome, Wicapi-wakan..
I am glad if it could be inspire. It would be a wonderful bouquet.. Happy wedding.. And thanks for visiting my blog ^_^