Hi, My name is Febe, from Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. I love the craft since childhood. Until more than 20 years ago, I started to knit and crocheting from a hobby and my interest about crochet and crafts.

Initially I just make knitted for myself. Then one day I tried to sell my knitted works under the name "Cocco Craft" which means "cool color crochet and craft". Which then led to my initiative to make this blog in February 2016. Blog by name Cocco Craft (coccocraft.blogspot.com).

This blog contains tutorials crochet, knit and craft ideas, amigurumi crochet, also tips and tricks about learning how to crochet for beginners. I created this blog in two languages, English and Indonesian language for visitor and friends in my country.

Due blog coccocraft still use domain platform blogspot.co.id, so starting September 02, 2016, coccocraft blog had renamed and change domain address to Funcolor Craft, with platform Top level domain.

Change name and address, on the grounds that all visitors can more easily access the site from all over the world. And hope the visitors can be more convenient to access and retrieve information from the site Funcolor Craft.

Funcolor Craft will continue to exist for you to share ideas, tips and free patterns more better. Hopefully, the all information distributed through this site can be beneficial to all site visitors of funcolor craft.

And not forget for me to say thank you for visiting my site,.. 

Happy crocheting, knitting and crafting... and have a nice day!

AUTHOR : Febe Anprasetya