Hello Kitty Crochet Coin Purse Free Pattern

Hello everyone! 
Today I want to share a cute hello kitty coin purse crochet pattern. In this project, I use a rounded frame diameter of 10 centimeters.

Crochet free pattern 

Hello Kitty Crochet Coin Purse 
Hello Kitty Crochet Coin Purse Free Pattern

Abbreviation :
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
inc = increase
dec = decrease
sl st = slip stitch
tr = treble stitch

Make the bottom of purse

Round 0 : start with 12ch
Round 1 : 11sc, 3sc inc, 10sc, 2sc inc 
Round 2 : 2sc inc, 10sc, (2sc inc)x3, 10sc, (2sc inc)x2
Round 3 : sc, 2sc inc, 10sc, (sc, 2sc inc)x3, 10sc, (sc, 2sc inc)x2
Round 4 : 2sc inc, 12sc, (2sc inc, 2sc)x2, 2sc inc, 12sc, (2sc inc, 2sc)x2
Round 5 : 3sc, 2sc inc, 13sc, (2sc inc, 3sc)x2, 2sc inc, 13sc, 2sc inc, 3sc, 2sc inc
Round 6 : sc, 2sc inc, 14sc, (2sc inc, 4sc)x2, 2sc inc, 14sc, 2sc inc, 4sc, 2sc inc, 3sc

Body of purse
Round 7-17 : sc in every stitch --- 56sc

Hello Kitty Crochet Coin Purse Free Pattern Hello Kitty Crochet Coin Purse Free Pattern

Side of the body (front/back side)

Row 1 : 1ch, skip 1, 24sc, 2sc dec, turn
Row 2 : 1ch, 22sc, 2sc dec, turn
Row 3 : 1ch, 21sc, 2sc dec, turn
Row 4 : 1ch, 20sc, 2sc dec, turn
Row 5 : 1ch, skip 1, 18sc, 2sc dec, turn
Row 6 : 1ch, skip 1, 16sc, 2sc dec, turn
Row 7 : 1ch, skip 1, 14sc, 2sc dec, turn
Row 8 : 1ch, skip 1, 12sc, 2sc dec, turn
Row 9 : 1ch, skip 1, 10sc, 2sc dec, sl st.

Ear (make 2)

Round 1 : magic ring 6sc
Round 2 : sc in every stitch --- 6sc
Round 3 : (2sc inc)x6
Round 4 : sc in every stitch --- 12sc
Round 5 : (2sc inc, sc)x6
Round 6 : sc in every stitch --- 18sc
Round 7 : (2sc inc, 2sc)x6
Round 8 : sc in every stitch --- 24sc

1. 1ch
2. 5ch, 6tr, 5ch, sl st
3. Make one more time in the same hole. 

Or you can watch the video tutorial on my youtube channel, here..